Burgers Equipment

Jules Verneweg 108
5015 BM Tilburg
(Region: Noord-Brabant)
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  • Gebrauchte Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge
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Burgers Equipment is a young and dynamic company that specializes in buying and selling of used machinery. Although we offer a diverse assortment, we are mainly focused on the sale of smaller construction equipment and forklifts.

Thanks to good and attentive purchase management we achieve a high turnover rate, and a not too large stock enables us to offer our machines at competitive prices.

We are located in the south of the country, in the city of Tilburg at Jules Verneweg 108. We ask you to call before you visit us so the right person can assist you. See you in Brabant where 'coffee is brown' and fair dealing is very normal.

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    Dies ist die Unternehmensseite der Firma Burgers Equipment mit Sitz in Niederlande, Noord-Brabant, Tilburg.

    Das Unternehmen bietet Dienstleistungen wie: Gebrauchte Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge, Neue Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge und Vermietung.