El Rehab Group

19 6th October Street beside Habaza Hospital
in front of General Hospital- 3rd floor

ElMahalla ElKobra
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El Rehab Group was founded in 1999. It consists of three companies including elrehab for mining , elrehab for constarction and elrehab for land Reclamation . R.G draws a decade of innovative and practical experience of ground revolution . We are one of the most trusted important mining and construction companies in Egypt. We are specialized in offering all types of salt according to your needs. Looking forward to be the leader in the middle east and Africa. We are the proud of the middle east and Africa.

RG is a main supplier for number of dye works and tanneries in private and public sector with production ability 12000 ton per month
World Wide :
last winter RG Group managed to supply 200000 ton of salt to north and west Europe for deicing consepcation and this winter it is expected to raise our production ability to 350000 ton this winter.

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      Dies ist die Unternehmensseite der Firma El Rehab Group mit Sitz in Ägypten, Egypt, ElMahalla ElKobra.