JAVAC (Nanoweld bvba)

Kwade Weide 1
2920 Kalmthout
(Region: Antwerpen)
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Serviceleistungen von JAVAC (Nanoweld bvba)

  • Gebrauchte Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge
  • Neue Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge
  • Reparatur-Service

Vertretene Marken

  • Javac
  • Nanoweld



Nanoweld bvba, the exclusive distributor in the Benelux + France for the Javac products (D) is characterized by a very strong price / quality ratio.
And this in 3 product groups with compressed air (compressors and peripherals), welding equipment and generators including the unique Nanomag technology.

The continuous optimization of our products guarantees us a permanent position on the market, this allows us to give a guarantee of 5 years without conditions on certain products.

Our company is located in the Antwerp region, easily accessible and close to the port.
Javac is run by an enthusiastic team of skilled people, with experience from a sales and advice department that can draw on more than 35 years of experience.
Our buildings, established in 1999, after a move from Brasschaat, are a model of efficiency, equipped with computer-controlled warehouse cabinets, and a thorough ergonomics so that our employees can function optimally in a pleasant working environment.
We therefore try to keep our ecological footprint as limited as possible, owing to our investment in a 50 kW solar panel park. We would like to welcome you to our company, and hope to see you soon as a customer.

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    • Generatoren
    • Compressoren
    • Lasapparatuur
    • Stroomaggregaten
    • Persluchttechniek
    • Vacuümpompen
    • Las Automatisaties
    • Repair & Service
    • Noodstroomgeneratoren
    • Nanomag

    Dies ist die Unternehmensseite der Firma JAVAC (Nanoweld bvba) mit Sitz in Belgien, Antwerpen, Kalmthout.

    Das Unternehmen bietet Dienstleistungen wie: Gebrauchte Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge, Neue Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge und Reparatur-Service.

    JAVAC (Nanoweld bvba) vertritt folgende Marke(n): Javac, Nanoweld.

    Das Unternehmen ist spezialisiert auf Generatoren, Compressoren, Lasapparatuur, Stroomaggregaten, Persluchttechniek, Vacuümpompen, Las Automatisaties, Repair & Service, Noodstroomgeneratoren, Nanomag.